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"Nailed It"

Updated: Feb 15, 2020

Someone at Stowe told me to think very carefully about how I wanted to spend my current funds as I might never get the opportunity to do anything else. There is one scene in my script I love, an homage to the "Star Wars" Mos Eisley cantina. If I could just shoot that one scene, I'd die happy. With that in mind I wrote a short script for DRTATGG in a few hours that I had not been able to write in three months. I spent a week polishing it and sent it to the WeScreenplay Diverse Voices competition. On November 15th I was notified I was a semi-finalist in the first cut of the competition. In addition, I made the Coverfly Red List in November.* They listed my script as one of the top ten best western short scripts of 2019. I'd recommend anyone to enter the Diverse Voices script competition because for a extra fee the reviewer's qualifications and comments are provided. I got three pages of comments. "There is a lot to like in this short. The world is rich, diverse, and intricate -- it doesn't feel slapped together... Everything feels intentional, vibrant, and intriguing... In a lot of ways, this is a spaghetti western, where things are a little exaggerated, a little campy and tons of fun. Tonally, this writer nailed this." Okay, a brag. But for every "good" piece of feedback, there are a ton of rejections that say, "sorry, no. Go away." So forgive me if I bask for ten seconds.

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