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Cowgirl Sushi Productions




  • Increase diversity in film production creators and crew and to bring stories from out of the margins into mainstream media forums.

  • Encourage remembrance, retrieval and inspiration from our histories, families and communities.

  • Imagine new and creative paths to tell our stories.

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June is a writer and filmmaker living in Denver, Colorado with her husband Steve and her cat Muse.  She has three extremely talented children who care about making the world a better place and help make her films possible.

June is a "Sansei" or third generation Japanese American.  She was born and raised in California.  Her parents are second generation Americans ("Nisei") born in the U.S. as well. Her father and his family were imprisoned behind barbed wire during World War II at  the Gila River internment facility in Arizona. Her grandparents were first generation immigrants from Japan ("Issei").  They made their living as a housekeeper and gardener. Her mother, Mary, was thirteen and an American citizen when she became trapped in Japan during the war.  From their home in Kyushu, her aunt watched a giant mushroom cloud rise over Hiroshima.

June  has degrees in history, nursing and law.  She spent several years in  Washington, D.C. working on behalf of women and the Asian American community.  She was on the Board of the National Institute for Women of Color and President of Pan Asia, an Asian woman's public policy organization.  

After moving to Denver, she attended the Colorado Film School. She is also at work on a poetry memoir,  "A Name and a Place," about three generations of a Japanese American family.

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