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June K. Inuzuka


June's first film project was the documentary "Dharma Road" which premiered at the Japanese National Museum in Los Angeles and was nominated for Best Documentary at the Asians on Film Festival (2015).  "Dirty Rotten Tofu" will be her first short feature and many years in the making.


In her free time, she enjoys birdwatching.  Her favorite dish is chicken katsu curry.


Stephen Dreskin

Executive Producer

Steve is a retired Professor of Medicine in Allergy and Immunology at the University of Colorado.  In addition to medical research,  he loves a good game of tennis or bridge.


His mother is a well respected illustrator in South Carolina. With three children and a spouse who are all artists, he takes special pleasure in supporting the arts.


Mark David


Director of Photography

Mark is an award-wining Director and Cinematographer who has  over 70 films credits as a cinematographer.  Mark started shooting at twenty when he bought a 16 mm Arriflex.  The film he most enjoyed making was "On the Shore of an Ancient Sea," a Mongolian fairytale. 


His favorite foods are salmon sashimi with real wasabi.


Phil Tan


Action Director

Phil Tan is a legend in the industry and has worked in action films for forty years.  He has over 200 credits to his name including "Tokyo Drift" and "Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom."  In 2010 he was awarded the Screen Actor's Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by a Stunt Ensemble for his work on "Inception."


A little known fact is Phil is a crazy good disco dancer.


Shannon Umetani


Line Producer

Shannon has thirteen years of production management experience.  For the last five years she's worked as a freelancer for Warren Miller Productions.


She is also a runner, Taiko drummer, and mother of three.


Joaquin Camilo


Unit Production Manager

Joaquin Camilo is an actor and producer, known for How to Affect Gravity (2020), Blood (2021) and The Lazarus Project.

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Fuji Dreskin

B.T.S. Producer

Wardrobe Assistant
Media and Campaign Manager


Fuji is a visual and music artist/performer from Denver. She enjoys producing her own Music Videos in addition to working on other local film sets and with animals.


She has been part of this film for over 8 years and strongly believes in The Gohan Girls's ability to empower others.

Fuji is also known for her dance, acting, martial arts and animal advocacy. 

Her favorite food is Thai Green Curry with Tofu and Inari Sushi.


Howard Fujimoto

Casting Director

Howard has a degree in Theater Arts from USC in California.  He was the Finance Manager for "Children of the Camps," a documentary about the internment of Japanese Americans during World War II.

Howard enjoys bicycling, swimming, and being a grandfather to Aria.


Rebecca Bertot

Production Design

Costume Design

Rebecca has been the costume designer for ten films including "Freak Power, the Battle for Aspen" and "The Great Race."


She's also worked as a production designer, producer and unit production manager. 


She's currently directing a documentary on hiking the Colorado trail.

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Jamie Fraiser

Head of Make Up and Hair

Bio coming soon.

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Katie Walsh

Make up/ SFX

Bio coming soon.

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Chris Warren

First Assistant Director

Bio coming soon.

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Brittany Miles

Script Supervisor/SPX

Bio coming soon.


Phoenix Chu

2nd AD

Bio coming soon.


Andrea Dreskin

Web Design & Photographer

Andrea utilizes her design and photography skills to create a wide range of content for the film.  She is excited to be a part of such a diverse and personal project. 

She is currently working for an employment law firm which helps employees who are being discriminated against. She enjoys being able to utilize her administrative and creative skills.

Phillip BW IMG_0121.jpg

Phillip Loeb

Post Production Supervisor

Phillip (he/him) has over 14 years of experience in Post Production having worked on a variety of scripted and unscripted projects for film, television, commercial and new media companies.  He has worked with companies such as Legendary Pictures, Funny Or Die, Nerdist, Geek & Sundry, and Tongal.


Phillip's favorite dish is seolleongtang and he enjoys games, photography, and beer brewing as hobbies.

Bio coming soon.

Yu Portrait.jpg

Yu Jung Hou


Born and raised in Taiwan, Yu Jung Hou (aka Yu, or Yu Jung) grew up a self-conscious girl who escaped into the world of novels and manga, giving her the perfect roots for her present-day career.  She's passionate about storytelling, and love stories that convey the world in a unique light and/or show hope to humanity.


Favorite Food: Very tricky question...Yu goes through phases but steaks and soft serves are pretty consistently in her top 3s.

Kimberly Hou bw.jpg

Kimberly Hou


Kimberly is a graduate of the Columbia University-Juilliard School Exchange Program in NYC. Now based in San Francisco, she enjoys scoring films and games in addition to pop music production.

Growing up as a classical pianist, she was named a Presidential Scholar in the Arts by the U.S. White House Commission. Kimberly’s favorite foods are mangoes and chocolate croissants.



Kimiko Fujimoto

Production Coordinator

Kimiko's creative path began making films in Hollywood as a producer, film editor, and screenwriter in 2000. After learning to swim with the sharks she opted for more calmer waters in the fields of literature, spirituality, and embodied practices. As the founder of School of Ritual, she crafts both virtual and large scale rituals in yoga, herbalism, and mysticism. She is currently working on a film series that invites participants to meditate with the stories of one's ancestral lands. 

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David Glenn

Art Director & Props & SFX

Bio coming soon.

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Cory Ferreira

Art Director & Props & SFX

Bio coming soon.

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Rena Schoenberg

Craft Services Coordinator

Rena Schoenberg is dependable, logical, attentive and organized.  She enjoys being helpful and likes to interact with positive, humorous people. She is a lover of family, long-time friendships, sweet memories, flowers, delicious food, word games, dogs and crushed ice. Many times she has dreamed of being in the movies in a supporting role so she is very excited to be a part of this film. 

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Behind the Scenes
Director of Photography

Bio coming soon.


Aimee Kuge


Bio coming soon.

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