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Catching Fire

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

Making a film is like cooking: You get all the ingredients together which usually involves going back to the grocery store at least three or four times, assemble the hardware, check the recipe, tie on the apron and go to it. Oops, did that say one egg or two? The prep for a film seems to take forever. The moment when everything begins to come together, is anticipation, elation. I'm now in the process of hiring a full crew and looking for talent. I'm interviewing and hiring. I finally understand film budgets. I know what a line producer and talent director does. I'm cookin'! Each person I find to work with feels special. I'm putting a team together like "Guardians of the Galaxy." As I begin to find more people to work with who express excitement for my vision, that's when things finally catch fire. I just have to make sure I pay attention and don't end up with burnt buns.

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