Next Stop: Silverton, Colorado

Silverton is the perfect place to shoot a western. The town has preserved many of the original buildings of the 1880's. It has retained it's rough, small town charm and resisted the impulse to become another Telluride or Aspen. The area is full of old buildings, mines, old peeling railroad

cars, and the details that lend authenticity to any production. Rushing streams, lush pines and a mountain with snow in summer are all within 10-15 minutes of the town.

Rebecca and Bruce, the staff of the Silverton Film Office, know the area well and took us to find the locations I had previously only envisioned in my script. Rebecca is an experienced costume designer who will be designing costumes for "Dirty Rotten Tofu." Bruce is the town sheriff and a good person to know when you are making a film. He also makes a good extra and has an amazing collection of old western guns. Thank you Rebecca and Bruce.

One new crew change is the addition of Mark David, our new DP, who has been the cinematographer for over fifty films. Mark and his crew are donating much of their time in support of women film directors. Thank you, Mark.

The production is attracting an incredible amount of talent and support. Silverton is a challenging change in direction but the project sometimes seems to have a mind of it's own. I'm just trying to keep up and hang on for the journey.

Rebecca Bertot and Bruce Conrad
Inside the Buffalo Boy - Saloon Scene

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