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Dark Rocks

Dirty Rotten Tofu

and the

Gohan Girls

Official Trailer (2023)

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Writer/Director June Inuzuka Winning Award at the Independent Shorts Awards with Fuji and Stephen Dreskin2023.jpg


June Inuzuka is the founder of Cowgirl Sushi Productions (Denver, CO) and is the Writer, Director and Producer of “Dirty Rotten Tofu and the Gohan Girls”.

 June's writing has won numerous awards and her first film, the documentary, “Dharma Road” was nominated as “Best Documentary Short” by the Asians on Film festival in 2015 and premiered at the Japanese National Museum.

June's second film is a short titled "Dirty Rotten Tofu and the Gohan Girls" (2022), which was awarded Best Short at the LA Femme Film Festival (2023), Best Western Short at the LA Independent Shorts Awards (2023) and Best Cinematography at the Atlanta Women's Film Festival (2023). It was an official selection at many film festivals including: Denver International Film Festival, Boston Asian American Film Festival, DC Asian American Film Festival, Renegade Film Festival, Women Over 50 Film Festival, Atlanta Women's Film Festival, Colorado Dragon Boat Film Festival, Imagine This Women's Film Festival, LA Femme International Film Festival, Wyoming International Film Festival and First Glance Film Festival.

"Cowgirl Sushi rode into my life in a dream and came to symbolize

adventure, fun and the challenge of exploring new frontiers.

 The motivation to become more than what is expected comes from

seeing people like ourselves doing what we never thought possible.

  That's what Cowgirl Sushi is about -

challenging the limits we place on ourselves."

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