Scheduled to be shot Spring of 2021

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Semi-finalist Short Script Competition (2019)


One of Top Ten Best Western Short Scripts for 2019


1880 was a presidential election year.  "Yellow Fever" or fear and hatred of the Chinese was reaching its peak. The xenophobia resulted in the killing and burning of entire Chinese sections of towns all over the West. Asians were seen as less than human and Asian women were considered property to be used and discarded.


The film brings together the Wild West, strong female action heroes and the influences of science fiction, anime and martial arts films that have become a part of American pop culture.  Picture "Kill Bill" goes west with a young Michelle Yeoh shooting up serious bad guys at the Mos Eisley Cantina in "Star Wars." That's "Dirty Rotten Tofu and the Gohan Girls."


The film has a predominantly Asian cast and takes place in a Chinatown that is not just a side story. It is a unique and entertaining twist on the traditional western inspired by true events and characters.

short film SYNOPSIS 

Log Line: In the Wild West, three Asian girls are forced to kick some major ass to defeat the Chinatown crime boss who wants them back "Dead or Alive."


Sushi, Mochi and Ume are on the run from Tofu, the Chinatown crime boss who imprisoned them as prostitutes.  After the girls' escape, he puts a bounty on their heads. The girls decide the only solution is to kill Tofu.  Sushi, the leader, takes off on this mission. Her two companions, Mochi and Ume, separate from Sushi to confuse their trails.  In a standoff at Tofu's Rising Sun Saloon, Tofu learns Sushi is not the same girl he once imprisoned.  Sushi realizes it takes more than guts and extraordinary sharp shooting to defeat a gang of hired thugs and one dirty, rotten sonavabitch. 

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full lengtH feature film

The western short film is a proof-of-concept for a full length feature showing the back stories of each girl and their training in Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show.


 They are taken under the wings of such western legends as Annie Oakley, Chief Sitting Bull, and a drunken Chinese master called Old Lard Bucket. Sushi, Mochi and Ume must overcome fears from brutal pasts in order to become the formidable fighters needed to gain their freedom.

Tofu, the bar owner, drug dealer and pimp must constantly maneuver both the white crime world and Chinatown to maintain his position against his competitor, Bok Choy. When his partnership with the white hustler, Soapy Smith, turns deadly, Tofu manaages to turn the tables.  After several bounty hunters fail, he hires the infamous Bloody Espinozas to finish the job.  The action escalates to the final show down, guns blazing.


Keep checkin' in and hang onto your hats to see how this action packed feature project develops!




A diverse group of talented artists working hard to create a unique story of women fighting for their freedom and the right to control their own destiny..   




June's first film project was the documentary "Dharma Road" which premiered at the Japanese National Museum in Los Angeles and was nominated for Best Documentary at the Asians on Film Festival (2015).  "Dirty Rotten Tofu" will be her first short feature and many years in the making.


In her free time, she enjoys birdwatching.  Her favorite dish is chicken katsu curry.


Executive Producer


Steve is a retired Professor of Medicine in Allergy and Immunology at the University of Colorado.  In addition to medical research,  he loves a good game of tennis or bridge.


  His mother is a well respected illustrator in South Carolina. With three children and a spouse who are all artists, he takes special pleasure in supporting the arts.


Casting Director


Howard has a degree in Theater Arts from USC in California.  He was the Finance Manager for "Children of the Camps," a documentary about the internment of Japanese Americans during World War II.


Howard enjoys bicycling, swimming, and being a grandfather to Aria. 


Unit Production Manager

and Line Producer


Shannon has thirteen years of production management experience.  For the last five years she's worked as a freelancer for Warren Miller Productions.


She is also a runner, Taiko drummer, and mother of three.

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First Assistant Director


Phoenix Graduated from Colorado University of Denver in Film/Television. In 2018 he won the Movie Magic Producers Award and Cinefest's Best Cinematography Award in 2019.  He currently works at Liquid Luck Productions in Denver as a Producer.


Director of Photography

Mark is an award-wining Director and Cinematographer who has  over 70 films credits as a cinematographer.  Mark started shooting at twenty when he bought a 16 mm Arriflex.  The film he most enjoyed making was "On the Shore of an Ancient Sea," a Mongolian fairytale.  His favorite foods are salmon sashimi with real wasabi.


Second Unit Director/

Action Choreography

Phil Tan is a legend in the industry and has worked in action films for forty years.  He has over 200 credits to his name including "Tokyo Drift" and "Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom."  In 2010 he was awarded the Screen Actor's Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by a Stunt Ensemble for his work on "Inception." A little known fact is Phil is a crazy good disco dancer.




Aimee graduated from the University of Colorado in Film Studies and Studio Art. Her student film, "Feigned Realities" was a horror film that was nominated for a "Grillo Award."  While she makes her living as a social media manager, her abilities as an artist  has led her to work creating incredible make-up SFX.


Crowdfunding and Social

Media Manager


Tim Davids completed his BFA in Film Production at the University of Colorado Boulder and has worked for nearly a decade as a freelance commercial director, editor, writer and DP. But he's most interested in buffalo wings and their myriad  flavors.

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Costume Designer


Rebecca has been the costume designer for ten films including "Freak Power, the Battle for Aspen" and "The Great Race."


  She's also worked as a production designer, producer and unit production manager. 


She's currently directing a documentary on hiking the Colorado trail.


"Behind The Scenes" 

DP/ Director


Seed and Spark

Campaign Content Producer.


Conceptual Artist


  Fuji is a visual and performing artist from Denver.  She graduated from California College of the Arts in Illustration and a minor in film. 


She is best known for her music, filmmaking, illustration and animal advocacy.


Website Manager/Graphic Artist/Photographer


Andrea utilizes her design and photography skills to create a wide range of content for the film.  She is excited to be a part of such a diverse and personal project. 

Matao Dreskin

Cowgirl Sushi Apparel Graphic Designer and Actor


Matao is a skilled print and book maker who currently resides in Philadelphia.

Their work is known for its expressive and potent imagery. 

Matao was also voice actor in the original animated short "Cowgirl Sushi and the Rattle Snake Saloon" featured in June Inzukua's first film titled

"Dharma Road".